Best Place to Live in Florida for Millennials

There are a lot of surprising and wonderful things about the Millennial generation. They’re smart and highly educated, they’re currently the largest living adult generation on the planet, they’re politically active, about a quarter of their population is vegetarian or vegan, they are extremely dedicated to their work, they’re voracious readers, they have been studied more than any other generation… and Millennials are buying the most amount of homes right now.

Why is Brevard County a great choice for Millennials to move to? Why should Millennials who are already here stay? There are plenty of FANTASTIC reasons for those between the ages of 26 – 41 to choose Brevard! Resident Brevard County Millennial, Tara Johnson with Union Home Mortgage, joined our Marketing Coordinator, Rose Segal, for a look at the hidden gems that Brevard county has to offer this go-getter generation.

The Schools in Brevard are Exceptional

One of the first questions Millennials with young families (or plans for a future family) are going to ask is, “How are the schools in Brevard County?” Proudly, the answer is a good one! The schools in Brevard receive 8/10 ratings across the board and are in the top 30% in the entire state of Florida! There are plenty of options between public and private education to choose from for those wanting choices. Among other great reasons, this is one of the tops that make Brevard such a great place to raise a family.

The Tech, Aerospace and Defense Industries in Brevard

Brevard County is home to some of America’s largest tech, aerospace and defense companies, including NASA, SpaceX, L3 Harris, Leonardo DRS and more. Most of these larger companies are seeing an immense value in establishing their headquarters right here in Brevard. To make it even better is that many companies are paying Millennials to relocate to this county, so there is a financial incentive alongside the desire to live in an incredible area. A major bonus of living outside of large cities is that there’s less competition, but still excellent opportunities for career advancement. For those hoping to build a career within or outside of one of these industries, there’s no better place to be.

Brevard is Growing

With these larger and smaller industries constantly expanding, some gorgeous housing developments are on the rise! Palm Bay and Viera, two cities in Brevard County, are constantly building new homes that Millennials will find affordable and luxurious in various styles. House-hunting Millennials will not be disappointed by the housing options available throughout the county. It isn’t just homes that are being developed, either. The number of businesses, entertainment centers and restaurants is also steadily increasing. There are constant project and building approvals in the various areas of the county. All of this adds to a stable and growing economy, stronger in comparison to the majority of other large counties in the country.

Entertainment in Brevard County

The number of entertainment possibilities within Brevard provides some unbeatable opportunities for fun! If you’re looking to explore the arts in Brevard, the Eau Gallie Arts District is a great place to start. The King’s Center, The Henegar Center and Cocoa Village Playhouse are constantly hosting world-class events and entertainment – plays, concerts, parties and more.

The King’s Center and Downtown Melbourne host some lively concerts with well-known performers, but also some beloved local favorites such as Alter Ego, Hot Pink, TruPhonics and more. If you’re going to one of the great restaurants in Brevard, you’re bound to catch one of these, or other great local bands on a stage.

Recreation & Exploring Wildlife in Brevard County

Outside of living by some of the most incredible beaches along the Atlantic Coast, there is nowhere else on earth quite like the natural habitats and wildlife found in Brevard County.

The Brevard Zoo is ranked 5th in the nation according to USA Today and is home to over 900 animals. The zoo also hosts a plethora of incredible learning opportunities for people of all ages and operates some amazing initiatives aimed at preserving the natural environment of the area. There is no shortage of volunteer opportunities through the Brevard Zoo.

Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge is the perfect place to explore and catch a glimpse of animals in their natural habitat. It also happens to be located right next to where rockets launch and is well-preserved by NASA. In addition to this refuge, the Viera Wetlands are another one-of-a-kind location to dive into – but not literally, unless you want to swim with the gators! We can’t forget to mention the Enchanted Forest, a 470-acre forest in Titusville with miles of hiking trails and wildlife observation, ready for visitors to enjoy.

Beaches in Brevard County

Of course, you can’t mention Brevard County without including the amazing 72-mile stretch of available shoreline. If you like to surf and play in the ocean, there’s a spot for both beginner and advanced surfers in Brevard. If you’re someone who wants to lounge and read a book with your toes in the sand, head over to Sebastian Inlet State Park or Indian Harbour Beach. If you’re wanting the best fishing spots in Brevard County, try out Cocoa Beach. There is almost an overwhelming number of great beach destinations on the Space Coast, and certainly, a beach that will suit your specific wants.

Educational and Volunteer Opportunities in Brevard County

Being that Brevard is appropriately called “The Space Coast”, there are plenty of accessible opportunities to explore space from down here on earth. With Kennedy Space Center, The Exploration Tower and several other prominent space-centric museums and visitor centers, planning weekend activities that take you out of this world is a simple task. We can’t forget rocket launches either – where else on this planet can you watch a rocket launch into outer space from the comfort of a beach chair or your own backyard?

In addition to Brevard Zoo being a hub for unique volunteer opportunities, The Marine Resources Council, the Children’s Hunger Project, the Sea Turtle Preservation Society and so many others provide excellent ways to give back while doing activities you love.

Leadership and Young Professionals Groups in Brevard County

Groups that facilitate young professionals are everywhere in Brevard County. The Space Coast Young Professionals Group does a lot to give back to the community while also helping members hone their skills and providing a network of other professionals to engage. Young Professionals of Brevard is a great group for the career-minded Millennial. 321 Millennials is another leadership group that invites those who want to pour into the community a great place to do so.

Dog Parks in Brevard County

Brevard doesn’t forget its furrier residents! Rough House Bark Park, Wickham Dog Park, Barks & Recreation Dog Park, Pielock Dog Park and more provide some great ways to get your dog that much-needed playtime. If your puppy wants to play in the ocean, try out Canova Dog Beach for some fun in the sun.

Millennials in Brevard

To recap some of the major points made, here is a quick list of smart reasons for Millennials to choose Brevard:

  • Less competition than major cities, but still plenty of opportunities to sky-rocket your career
  • Amazing beaches, recreational and wildlife exploration opportunities
  • Great schools & place to raise a family
  • Unique educational and volunteer opportunities
  • Great entertainment options – live music, thriving arts community, etc.
  • Great networking opportunities for young professionals
  • A stable and growing economy
  • Plenty of housing options
  • Pet-friendly

If you would like to learn more about any of the activities or places mentioned in this article, please visit these links:

Deciding where to plant your roots is a major decision, but we’re convinced Brevard County is a smart decision for Millennials for each of these reasons and more. Before making a move to a larger city or investing in property outside of Brevard, think through the ways in which the cities of Brevard can provide you and your loved ones with some of the world’s most unique opportunities!

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