2021 Classes

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First American – Sue Dutcher

2/18: Guiding Your Seller (Zoom Room)

3/11: Guiding Your Buyer (Zoom Room)

6/22: Surveys (Zoom Room)

8/26: Liens & PACE (Credits & Cocktails) (In Person)

Chicago Title – John Gonzalez

2/9: FR/Bar Contract & the Closing (Zoom Room)

3/2: Probate, Trusts, Guardianships, and POA…Oh My! (Zoom Room)

8/3: Follow the Contract (Zoom Room)

9/9: Navigating Short Sales (Zoom Room)

Chicago Title – Karen Michaels

1/20: Homestead Exemption (Zoom Room)

3/16: Foreclosure & REO (Zoom Room)

4/8: Deeds & Vesting (Zoom Room)

5/4: Mortgage Forbearance, etc. (Zoom Room)

6/8: New Realtor Title Training (Zoom Room)