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What is Title Insurance?

Real estate has traditionally been a family’s most valuable asset. It is a form of wealth that is protected by many laws. These laws have been enacted to protect one’s ownership of real estate and the improvements located on the land. The owner, the owner’s family, and the owner’s heirs have rights or claims in and to the property that you are buying. Those who may have an interest in or lien upon the property could be governmental bodies, contractors, lenders, judgment creditors, the Internal Revenue Service, or various other individuals or corporations. The real estate may be sold to you without the knowledge of the party having a right or claim in and to the property. In addition, you may purchase the real estate without having any knowledge of these rights or claims. In either event, these rights or claims remain attached to the title to the property that you are buying until they are extinguished.

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Why Supreme Title?

As I look back to our beginnings as a service provider in this market, our mantra was: The Supreme “A” Team works on the basic premise of focusing on Accountability, Affordability, and Accessibility. At the end of the day – isn’t that what we all want from our service providers? To feel confident that they stand behind their work; they provide competitive pricing, and they make themselves readily available. We pride ourselves that these are still the driving factors for our business model. As we continue to grow, we are able to deliver the same level of service throughout Brevard and Indian River Counties. We strive to provide a solid platform for our staff. This enhances the client experience as they navigate the closing process. We push ourselves to stay on the cutting edge of technology, training, and support our staff to be the best that they can be.

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Deanna, thanks again for all your hard work and tremendous professionalism.  I really appreciated your taking the time to go over all the details with us and answer all of my questions about our condo closing.  We will surely come back when it is time to buy another property in the sunshine state.

Eric G.

Thanks to the team for a phenomenal job. Thank you Courtney and Zach for being patient with me being “antsy” at times. I could not be any more satisfied/happy at all with the results. I have to say, it is a myth that short-sale cant be closed withing less than 6 months.  Other kept warning and warning that it was not doable. Well, you all did it and proved them wrong.

Richard Q.

Thank you and thanks for everything! This was one of the smoothest closings I’ve come across. Speaks highly of your team’s standard and level of professionalism.

Dean K.

Recommendation Letter Supreme Title has been amazing to work with. They do an awesome job keeping you updated on your status and what they are doing to get answers almost daily. Everyone is super friendly and they make the process as pain-free as possible. They definitely have your best interest in mind as if they are family. I will recommend them to everyone I possibly can. They have been a true pleasure to work with. Thank you!!!

Brandon and Jennifer S

My experience was Supreme! To say the Least.  Great Job was done by all and very professional team.

John M-