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4 Reasons to Choose a Title Company for Your Real Estate Closing

It is more beneficial to choose a title company over hiring an attorney,
and here are 4 reasons why:

Money, honey!

It might be the most straightforward, yet probably the most important. The closing costs that the Seller and the Buyer are charged by a title company are significantly less than what they would experience with an attorney…namely, an attorney would charge by the hour!


A title company is a neutral party at closing and does not represent any particular party. Unlike an attorney, who solely represents the client that employed his/her services. So a title agent will be there to service any and every need that could arise, whereas an attorney would only cover their clients’ interest.

“Time is of the essence”

There is so much more availability and flexibility at a title company to assist you or your clients. Take a moment to think about how busy a lawyer would be, having multiple cases to work on and hearings to attend. An attorney only has time for you during a scheduled appointment. Even if your title agent is not available to assist directly, he/she will have the back-up of a title processor/closing assistant or another co-worker to assist you or your client right away.

Teamwork, makes the dream work!   

Teamwork between all parties of a contract is an integral part of successful closings and happy clients! We all know that for a realtor, a happy client generates referrals for future business. An attorney cannot offer ‘teamwork’, as they represent an individual party on the contract, the one that employed them. Essentially, they work only for who pays them.

A title company is dedicated to your clients just as much as you are. The agents care about you. They develop relationships with you, which make you feel comfortable knowing your closing is in their hands. They want to see your success and growth and help you to achieve your goals as much as they are able.




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